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Tree Removal in Freeport

Tree Removal Services in Freeport

It’s hard to imagine Nassau County without trees, and many homeowners may have trees on their property that they consider their pride and joy. But there are times when a tree on your Freeport property just becomes too much to handle and it needs to be removed. When that time comes, GreenLeaf Tree Removal Services is here to help.

GreenLeaf Tree Removal Services is a licensed tree removal company in Freeport, NY that is local and family-owned and operated. We have been performing tree services in Freeport, NY, including Nassau tree removal, for over 40 years, and we have the skill and experience to deal with any and all trees on your property in Freeport, NY.

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Why Choose GreenLeaf?

Why choose GreenLeaf Tree Removal Services for Freeport tree removal services? Because we take tree care extremely seriously, always working to meet and exceed the principles of organizations like the Tree Care Industry Association and the International Society of Arboriculture. When you hire our professional tree removal team, you get fully insured and licensed tree professionals who know how to care for and, when required, how to remove trees quickly, efficiently and with little disturbance to the rest of your landscape or property.

We will know when permits are necessary in Freeport, NY and how to obtain them and know the best approach for removing your tree depending upon your specific tree removal challenges.

Tree Services in Freeport

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