Cedar Tree Removal

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Cedar TREE REMOVAL in New York

Cedar trees can reach heights of 50 to 100 feet and are highly valued for their decay-resistant wood. They are often used in outdoor construction, such as fencing and shingles. Cedar trees also have a natural insect-repellent quality, making them a popular choice for closets and chests.

Their aromatic wood adds a pleasant scent to any space. Additionally, cedar wood is known for its durability and longevity.


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Identifying a cedar tree

Cedar trees are known for their aromatic wood and needle-like leaves arranged in fan-shaped clusters. The bark is reddish-brown and fibrous, often peeling off in strips. Common types include Eastern Red Cedar and Western Red Cedar.

These trees are frequently used in landscaping for their aesthetic appeal. Their wood is also prized for crafting furniture and decorative items. Cedar trees provide excellent natural windbreaks and privacy screens. Overall, they are a versatile and valuable addition to both natural and built environments.

cedar tree removal
cedar tree removal

Cedar tree removal with greenleaf tree care

GreenLeaf Tree Care cedar tree removal requires expertise due to the tree’s dense wood. The cedar tree removal process involves cutting the tree into sections, starting from the top, and carefully lowering each piece to the ground. The stump is ground down to ensure complete removal and prevent regrowth.

Don’t let your overgrown, dangerous or sick cedar tree continue to pose a problem. Contact GreenLeaf Tree Care today for safe and efficient cedar tree removal services in New York.


Cedar wood’s natural oils offer protection against insects and decay, but it can still rot if not properly maintained. Regular exposure to moisture and humidity can cause the wood fibers to deteriorate, weakening the overall structure of the planks. and to heal cuts and wounds.

True cedars are not native to California, but many trees in the state are commonly called “cedars” due to their fragrant bark and scale-like needles, which resemble those of genuine cedar trees.

Mature trees of this species can live up to 1,000 years, offering stability and support across generations. They are frequently found in drainage areas and riparian systems due to their ability to thrive in wet soils. These trees provide essential shade, helping to regulate stream temperatures and maintain water quality for salmon.


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